Monday, January 22, 2007

IKEA (and weekend) pictures!

Enjoy the pictures from our weekend trip to Pittsburgh, PA to visit the IKEA store!

Andrew helps me with my Vanilla Soda at Tom's Ice Cream Shop (I think that's the name).

Wayne (my F-I-L) in front of a church where his grandpa was the minister.

Andrew leaving the IKEA cafeteria. I'm bummed I didn't get pictures outside of the store, or with any of the items we purchased! Oh well!

Here we are, going down to the bottom floor to get our stuff.

In the check out line. We had two shopping carts, and several (3 or 4 maybe) flat carts full of stuff! Andrew with Wayne and Susan in the background.

The U-haul trailer we had to rent!

We stopped by Snug Harbor, the childhood home of Andrew's Grandpa Myers. These houses were all so unique and full of character. This one belonged to Andrew's greatgrandparents (Nana and Pop).

Susan and I at the entrance of Snug Harbor.
Here is what we are thinking for the house schedule this week:
Today: Cabinets Delivered (they have to fit into the garage with the appliances, and the furniture we just bought).
Tomorrow: Hardwood is installed and Andrew might start installing cabinets. I will continue to work on my tiling.
Wednesday: Cabinets, finish electric, and tiling.
Thursday: Cabinets, finish, electric, and tiling.
Friday: Our trim and interior doors are delivered. I will spend my weekend painting them. If the cabinets are done, then Andrew can start putting in the trim! :)
Next week: Once the cabinets and countertops are in, the plumbers can come back and hook up the water, so we'll have running water!


Anonymous said...

Great photos and captions - thank you for posting them as now I feel like I was there! I especially loved seeing Wayne's grandfathers church and the first Snugharbor. Again, I say, thank you! Your house schedule sounds great too - everything is really coming together. What a blessing (and a bunch of hard work). Love, Linda

Anna said...

I haven't been on your blog in forever! What great progress you're making; I love seeing the pictures. And I love Ikea - y'all have style! Hope you're doing well,

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Ikea! Oh gosh I miss that store. I used to live real close to one in Canada and then I moved here to Oregon and the closest on is in Seattle, Washington...about 4 hours away. I miss it!!!

Jaime said...

We drove about four hours to get to IKEA. They are putting one in very close to us (like 15 miles) next year, but we couldn't wait that long. We'll be in trouble when they do put it in! :)