Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Boy Growing Up

Noah turned one at the beginning of this month. Andrew took Noah's official one-year pictures a few weeks later in our back yard. They turned out so good. I will just share a few with you!

In other Noah news, he had his doctor's check up earlier this month and is a very healthy baby boy. He is around 50% for all his measurements so that's great. He seems big to me but I suppose it is all relative. He is starting to be a little more consistent with sleeping through the night. He will sleep through the night several times a week (by that I mean not wake me up and since his bedtime is at 7 pm he will sleep from 7pm until around 7 am sometimes later). Otherwise he just gets me up once a night to nurse and that's fine with me!

I did notice today that he's starting to get his canine teeth. This boy is the earliest teether I've ever had. The girls didn't get those until 18 months old or older so I was surprised to find one on my 12 month boy.

He is such a joy. He is very physical and into climbing anything he can, walking everywhere, playing with balls and cars. He does love his sisters, sweet boy that he is. We were just playing in his room today when he heard their voices and he "talked" to them and headed towards the door to go find them.

My heart is so full with all these sweet babies. I'm making sure to savor every fleeting precious moment!!

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Anonymous said...

He is so precious!!

You are so wise to enjoy every little moment!