Friday, May 25, 2012

9 years . . .


Happy Anniversary to Andrew. 9 years ago was our wonderful music filled day!

Thanks for choosing to love me each and every day, darling!!

To celebrate our plans include trying a place we've wanted to visit for quite some time, Terry's Turf Club (not fancy but should be yummy!), known for their burgers. Since the 9th anniversary is traditionally pottery, we are going to go to a pottery place after dinner and pick out some pieces of pottery to paint. Sounds like fun to me!!

Sadly, I can't find a lot of our digital pictures from that day. Andrew is going to look around and some of our backed up files tonight. I did find the wedding video today and I will make Andrew watch it even though he doesn't like to see himself cry. Abigail watched it with me today and said, "Deedo (her nickname for daddy) is crying because he doesn't want to marry you." Hahahahahahaha!!!

Picture of Jennie Schechter removed upon request. :(

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Susan said...

I am sorry that we are squinting in the sun a little. That doesn't show how happy we were that the two of you were getting married.