Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vegetable Wrap Recipe: Variation 1

After maintaining a 20 pound weight-loss for over a year, I decided recently to go back on weight watchers to help take off the rest of the 30 pounds I need to lose. I don't know if this is even possible. This first week has been tough! I could go into this further but that's not what this post is about. Let's just say that I like to cook and eat. Anyway, I made this delicious vegetable wrap the other day and wanted to share!

1 Mission Wrap Sun-Dried Tomato Basil
1/4 of a zucchini, cut into strips
1/4 of a bell pepper, cut into strips
1/8 of a yellow onion, cut into strips
5 mini carrots, cut into strips
1/4 to 1/2 cup arugula
1 wedge of the Laughing Cow Light cheese spread, I used the Queso Fresco and Chipotle flavor for this
Olive Oil

I sauteed my zucchini and yellow onion in a little bit of olive oil in a small saute pan for about 10 minutes. Then to assemble the wrap, spread the cheese spread on the wrap. Add arugula, zucchini, pepper, onion, and carrots. I also ate mine with some dill pickles for added flavor but it really didn't need it.

Additional notes: This was 7 ww pointsplus after all was said and done. 5 of those points came from the wrap!! I usually choose to buy these wraps because they are made with little to no trans fat (they claim none but we know they can get away with putting a little in their wraps and can still make that claim). No store bought wrap that I have found is really void of all the ingredients that you want to avoid but these seem to be on the better side. This is a compromise for me, people. Anyway, I am interested in finding a lighter wrap, one with less calories perhaps, but I don't want to sacrifice my "natural food" tendencies and go with one that is loaded with hydrogenated oils and corn by-products. We'll see what I can find.

I am planning on making these a regular staple. It was absolutely delicious! I have discovered lately that the only reason that I have a difficult time eating vegetables (and fruit for that matter) is my extremely sensitive teeth to anything cold. I think that's why I "don't like" ice cream. In reality, I like it, I just would prefer to eat a dessert that is warm! :) This was a great fix for the cold vegetable thing. Some of the veggies were still cold and raw but the wrap was warm so it wasn't as extreme. I am thinking of several variations of this recipe, perhaps with tomatoes and feta or even some sort of grain added like quinoa. I will try to post my variations as they happen.

It's been so long since I posted a recipe and it certainly isn't for lack of cooking. I'm still shelling out almost 3 homemade meals a day unless we have leftovers of something. On the menu for tomorrow is a Sausage 15-bean soup that I can't wait for!! Mmmmm!


Franchise Brisbane said...

That's a good recipe! I most like it because it is healthy and tasty in the same time. Good instructions!

Anonymous said...

Make your own tortillas! That's what we do! Flour, water, a pinch of salt, and a small amount of butter. Then you know what's in it!! They taste better than ANY store-bought tortilla I have ever had! We use the recipe from Le Cordon Bleu Complete Cooking Techniques.


Jaime said...

I do occasionally make my own tortillas if we're having a big mexican night but it seems a bit much for just a lunch for me!! My time is limited! :)