Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Elsie

Elsie just turned 3!! Her birthday was last Thursday (mama's running a little behind). She was so excited all day and did just a great job blowing out her candles at her little birthday party we had for her. 

Elsie, you are such a sweet and silly girl. I love hearing you sing songs and be silly with your brother and sister. Just lately you've been very into snuggling and attached to me. This is wonderful (most of the time!). Just this morning I couldn't hold you since I was holding Noah and I said, "You can either sit right by me or go snuggle with your sister." You chose to sit with Abigail and it was so sweet! You're growing more and more everyday and we're learning to understand you too! Happy birthday, sweet darling!!

Elsie also had her birthday lunch at Grandma's on the Sunday before her birthday. She was so sweet and blew out all her candles there too. She loved having people sing to her and she joined in as well.

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