Saturday, June 09, 2012

Personality Part 2: Energized!

This is probably one of the more well know parts of personality: Extroversion vs. Introversion. I think people can misunderstand it, though. Being an extrovert doesn't necessarily mean you're the life of the party or you talk loud or are boisterous. I was raised in a self-controlled and conservative family so I'm not usually loud in a crowd or wild and crazy! I just get my energy from being around other people. Introversion, on the other hand, doesn't mean you're a weird recluse (I have to remind myself of this! haha!) but it just means you gather energy by being alone and quiet. Like . . . batteries.

When my husband and I first took these personality tests I was 90% extrovert and he was 90% introvert. Ha! This is one of those categories that has softened a little over the years. I'm now about 61% Extrovert and I don't remember his but I don't think it's quite where it was. I've learned that I can enjoy the peace and quiet (have kids taught me this!) but it is a conscious plan on my part. I still do not like being alone for too long. Having children has helped this, especially as they've grown and can converse now. I remember times when my husband traveled before we had kids and the horrible feeling of having to spend an evening alone!!

We've found a balance through the years of Andrew going to bed shortly after the kids are in bed to recharge himself and I do things for myself too to enjoy my "people" time. I have been going to exercise class, mom's groups, getting together with friends, having people over and even saying to Andrew "can we talk?". And by that I don't mean it is something serious, I just mean, I haven't talked to another adult all day! Help! :)

I feel that this is one of the personalities differences that we really understand in each other, recognize the need, and try to fill it. It's a good balance now, although I can always use more people time so if you're in my area, stop by!!! :)

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Jennifer said...

Aaron & I are the exact opposite...I'm the introvert and he's the extrovert (who's surprised about that!?). I remember that was one of the things our pastor talked to us about before we got married because we are polar opposites. I'd say we're still about the same, maybe a little less so than 10 years ago. I still will always pick staying home over going out and he would pick the other way. Opposites attract, right?! :)