Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kansas Trip

We're here and we're busy!! Of course! :)

I've tried posting a few times with pictures from my phone but it won't upload for some reason. I also had an issue with my SD card and lost some pictures. Bummer! Oh well.

The kids and I are really having a blast despite the Kansas heat. It's been over 100 degrees everyday so we're busy staying cool inside although a swimming trip is planned soon. We're slowly discovering all the lovely ways for Noah to get into things in this house and making it a little more babyproofed. I didn't forsee this being so much of an issue.

We miss Daddy so much. Noah has especially had some bad nights here and with Abigail having a lingering cough it has made for some long nights. I am looking forward to Daddy getting here so he can at least deal with Abigail's issues at night! :) He might not know this. Haha!

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