Saturday, September 03, 2011

Preschool Time: Camping Adventure

Abigail is not attending preschool this year, unlike almost everyone else we know. Therefore I am attempting to have a "preschool time" with her several times a week.

Our first subject was learning about camping. It fit in nicely with my husband's plan to take Abigail camping one night. More about that experience later. The resources I found were great. They worked on vocabulary, math, writing, letter recognition and sounds, games, painting, etc. We're still working on it, actually!!

I usually try to have this time during Noah's morning nap. He isn't napping reguarly yet so it's still tricky. Then we have Elsie. Oh Elsie. She wants so badly to be included yet she can't do everything that big sister can. So I have started to encourage her to color . . .

And she does pretty well. She will only last a few minute until she gets frustrated and bored but at least it's a start.

And this darling . . .

absolutely loves to learn. She will jump for joy if I say I am going to pull out the learning sheets. I hope I can keep this up as Elsie and Noah grow and change. I figure that she'd only be going to a formal preschool 2x a week so that is my guide. We've easily surpassed that these first two weeks.

Trying a s'more as part of our camping adventure.

I still think that the best form of learning for this age group is through play and life situations. It is amazing to see how much she imitates us and how much she learns through that. So this is not strict or formal in any way. In fact if she ever showed signs of not enjoying it, it would not be a priority in our house. She seems to love sitting down to work on this stuff so I will take that as a sign that she's ready for it.

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Anonymous said...

I my "Montessori" training (I have taken a class that applies Montessori techniques to religious education), I was taught that the 3-6 year-old child is a lover of work. Seems like Abigail fits the bill!