Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Picnic and Visiting Daddy

About once a year I try to take the kids to visit their daddy at work. I think it's fun for them to see where he works and he says (ha ha!) it's fun for him when we come visit. So . . . last Wednesday I packed up a picnic lunch, packed up the kids, and headed downtown to visit him. I hadn't been since last fall - right after I found out I was expecting Noah but before we had told anyone.

It really makes me appreciate my extremely hardworking husband all the more for making that LONG drive every single day.

We picked him up at work and opted to have a picnic lunch at the nearby Eden park rather than brave eating in a tiny downtown restaurant with our many-children-who-like-to-scream!

We had a beautiful spot where we could see the Ohio River.

And . . . had a nearby playground.

I didn't get any pictures inside Andrew's office but you can surely imagine it. It looks like an office! :)

It really was a fun day and if the drive wasn't so far we'd do it more often. :)

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