Monday, September 05, 2011

Camping Adventure

I wrote a few posts ago about the little bout of sickness that hit our house. Well, it all started with this camping adventure! My husband, bless him, has been wanting to take our oldest girl camping for quite some time. We decided the back yard would be the best place to begin. So, he set up a tent.

The exitement from the girls was quite fun to watch!

Abigail loved the "doggy" door we have in our tent. We used to take our dog camping with us. Now it will have to be the kids door! :)

Well, I think my husband and daughter lasted two hours in the tent until my daughter started vomiting so they opted (ha ha!) to come inside.

Hoping the next time goes better.

Here is a video of how exited they were to play in the tent. At least they got a few hours of playing in it.

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