Thursday, July 07, 2011

Why I'm a blog slacker . . .

I'm busy playing with, taking care of, monitoring, cooking for, rocking, nursing, reading to, kissing, and hugging these cuties!

Abigail LOVES to take care of Noah. She's pretty good about holding him but I like to stay nearby, just in case she would get the notion to get up. I have caught her a few times trying to pick him up. I'd say that her only problem is caring for him too much!

Me and my three babies! They're a handful but I can hardly stand it when they are away!

Affection!! These two are going to have a great relationship, I can tell. Look at that giant smile on Noah's face as his older sister bends down to talk to him (or poke him in the eye - take your pick).

Poking him in the eye - her favorite activity! Actually, she is getting better. I think her intention is good but she just doesn't have good control over her chubby little arms.

"I love you, I think. Just don't poke me."

The End!

(Abigail's sleeping is still troublsome. Some nights are okay and others are BAD! I think God knew that I needed a baby who would sleep well because Noah is an awesome sleeper. He usually goes 5 to 7 hours and then a shorter stretch. I don't think Elsie slept that long until she was eating solid food and then she really didn't sleep through the night until she was over a year old. She's great now!!)


Anonymous said...

this made me laugh...I love you, I think...just don't poke me :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. Grandmas always like to see new pictures of their grandkids!

About Abigail's sleep problems: you mean the jelly beans aren't working anymore?? : )

Love, Mom