Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Do List

I have my to do list in front of me. Since Monday morning at 8 am I have been able to cross off the following:

Clean laundry room
Clean Mud Room
Clean Kitchen
Make dinner: Sloppy Lentils, Corn, Potatoes, Watermelon

Clean Van
Clean Noah's Room
Clean Upstairs Bathroom
Clean Master Bedroom
Make Sesame Seed Cookies for trip
Make dinner: Meatballs, sweet potato fries, Lima Beans
Get Dish from Grandma's

Go shopping
Clean Abigail's room
Clean Elsie's Room
Clean Downstairs bathroom
Clean living room
Bake Cookes (too many!)

Go Grocery shopping (w/ all three kids)
Clean Kitchen
Make Grandma Bread
Do Laundry
Get Cash


Still left on my to-do list before we leave on our trip Saturday morning (it's Thursday at 4:15):
Mop Kitchen
Clean fridge
Zumba class
Straighten each room (nothing ever stays clean)
Empty all trash

Not bad. Planning ahead and being organized is my favorite thing! I can't survive without it!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Whew! That's amazing! You forgot to add "take care of kids."

By the way, I made sesame seed cookies, too.

Love, Mom