Friday, February 11, 2011

What I'm doing today . . .

Cooking! It wasn't really in the plan to make so much today but Elsie seems to finally be on the mend so I my hands and lap will be a bit more free today.

1) Making Grandma bread (Andrew's grandma) - if you live in this area you know how good this is! My last few attempts have been semi-flops but I found out from her that she only uses bread flour. I don't have quite enough bread flour for the whole recipe but I'm hoping that 1/2 will at least make it lighter. Oh, the main reason that I'm making this? . . . is that we're out of bread. I know I could just run to the store but I'm trying to do things cheaply.

2) Making Banana bread - I had some old bananas and I'm taking food to a couple in our church tomorrow who just had a baby, so they will get a loaf.

These two are already started at this point so they will definitely be done today. The following three could be derailed by children, my tired self, or any other number of things.

3) Making Lasagna - I'm trying to double several recipes and freeze half for when the baby comes. I know I'll have plenty of time and people who will bring be food but long after the food stops coming, I will still have 3 very young children and I know it will be nice to have some healthy homemade meals I can pull from the freezer and put into the oven. I already have a chicken pot pie made so lasagna is next on the list.

Anybody have any more good freezer meals? I have several others on my list but I'm going to try to make one a week for a while.

4) Start making Baked Chicken Breast Surpreme - this is what I'm making for the couple in our church tomorrow. It has to marinade overnight so I need to start it today.

5) Making A Suprise: I'm also trying to fit in the time to bake a special treat for my beloved husband - since it is valentine's weekend. He leaves on Sunday for 5 1/2 days in Boston so we won't probably get to celebrate valentine's day this year - not that we do much anyway. I can't remember the last time we had a meal alone together, November maybe. My memory fails me. Oh well, our time will come! :)

Whew! I'm going to go lay down while my bread is baking and the other bread is rising.

Happy Friday!


Jackie said...

you are amazing....
wanted to send you a blog that has recipes for making laundry soap...didn't know if this is exactly what you used... down to jan 12 to view the soap...
How satisfied are you with what you made?
happpy your little ones are feeling better...praying for them:)

Susan Schechter said...

That bread was impressive, Jaime. Wayne and I both thought that mom made it!

Jaime said...

Ha! That's funny. The crazy part was that I started using bread flour (which is what she uses) but I ran out so it actually had some regular white flour and then some whole wheat pastry flour. You couldn't tell so I might try it again that way!

Jaime said...

@Jackie. Thanks for the links! I will definitely check those out!

Melanie said...

Meals for in the freezer....soups are my favorite thing to be able to pull out and have ready to go, just in case you're still looking for meal ideas to put in the freezer :)