Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Naming the boy!

You knew I'd write about it sometime. Right? We have to name this little boy. Of course, Andrew and I have always been very tight-lipped about the final name chosen for our kids. I think several people guessed Abigail but as far as I know, nobody guessed Elsie's name! :)

However, we like to hear opinions during the process (just not on the final name) so . . .

I'm releasing our current name list!

Now, don't freak out too much when you see some of these. Some of them are names that I LOVE but Andrew has vetoed and vise versa. So, some are not really in consideration but 1/2 of this parenting team! :) Also, some of them are just funny to us so we put them on the list!

In no particular order:

Emmett Schechter
Eli Schechter
Matthias Schechter
Noah Schechter
Aaron Schechter
Levi Schechter
Eli Schechter
Titus Schechter
Henry Schechter
Judah Schechter
Tobias Schechter
Adam Schechter
Anders Schechter (Means Son of Andrew - ha ha ha ha!!)
Barrett Schechter
Cedric Schechter
David Schechter
Elias Schechter

Feel free to post your votes/thoughts in my comments section! :)


Melanie said...

Nice--I like the baby name blog posts! chuck and I look at this together so here's our collective opinions. We both think Henry sounds good with Schechter, though it wasn't our top pick. Chuck really liked Eli. I guess I didn't pick a favorite now that I think about it, oops. I just was thinking about how the names that end in "s" can get tongue-tied with Schechter (so I wouldn't pick them :)), and about how I like the name Levi but have heard of too many people naming their boy Levi to recommend it (I go for more under-used names). Fun times, though! You should do another survey!


Jaime said...

Thanks for commenting!!! Yes, we are very sensitive to names ending in "s" but some I like too much (or are too funny - like Anders) to not include on the list. We do have a middle name picked out - or it's at least narrowed down to two - so the names sound different when we throw the middle name in there.

Andrew loves Henry but it seems too old to me - of course, it's still in the running. I love Eli but Andrew's not a fan. See our dilemma?!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Melanie, if the name ends in "S," it's a bit of a tounge twister. Anyhow, I like Aaron, Adam, Emmett, and Noah (Those are my top picks).


Susan said...

I am only going to post negatives on two names at this point: Emmett was the name of my first boyfriend (no bad experience, but would just be weird and Cedric just makes me think of Cedric the Entertainer.
I like lots of the other ones!

Anonymous said...

As someone who works in a school...there are literally dozens of Eli' class in particular has three of them! I also love the name Henry :) I like Tobias, but agree about the s sound...I guess we wouldn't be calling him Toby???

Jaime said...

No . . . no Toby. Andrew and I have a weird quirk of adding names to the list of movie or tv characters we like (remember Inara for a girl?). Well we did get several of these from movies!

Laura said...


I love Henry and a boy's name and have a friend-of-a-friend who has a kid named Henry. They call him Hank sometimes, which I think is adorable, but maybe you guys aren't keen on nicknames? Anyway my point is that I don't think Henry is old fashioned. It's cute!

Donnie said...

Fun! Out of all of those, I think Aaron goes the best with Schechter. Also, Henry is precious. Levi is good one--that was going to be my name if I was a boy and I've always sort of liked it.

Kayla's Classy Broad said...

Haha, that comment above says it's from Donnie because I'm on his computer, but it's really Kayla.