Saturday, September 29, 2012

Noah Blake: 17 months

My baby (waaaa!) is almost 17 months old so I thought he deserved a little update. This boy surprises me every day with new things he does and says. Yes, says! I almost never believed parents when they said their one-year-old was talking. All babies babble to some extent and I have always been very critical of believing it is actually words until I'm sure. This time I am VERY sure my baby is talking. Here is a list of the words that I know he says and uses them in correct ways:

Light (points to it, says the word when it turns on)
On (flips a switch and then says "on")
Off (ditto)
Juice (if I give him water he cries for juice - ah!!)
Roro (says this when talking on the phone!)
Dewey (says this very clearly when he sees the dog)
All Done

And there is probably some others that I can't think of right now. He loves to run and the boy has no boundaries! When I took the girls outside at this age they would just calmly stay on the sidewalk or driveway but this boy will run wherever the whim takes him!! He is definitely a boy, very interested in hitting his sisters (and sometimes mommy!) which we are working on with him! He is also my most snuggly baby at this age. He will lay his head on your shoulder to rest for a few minutes (which the girls NEVER did), especially if he is being held by his daddy! He definitely gravitates to the male crowd and loves to hang out and do things with his daddy!!

He is still nursing before naps and bed (and during the night). I don't know how long we'll go on but I don't mind it and he still enjoys it and that's what matters. I was always pregnant by this point with the other two kids so I am enjoying the freedom to breastfeed as long as we want without having a pregnancy interfere with that.

He is a joy and a delight . . . a precious and precocious baby boy . . . who is really turning more into a boy than a baby these days!!


Anonymous said...

You probably had that large a vocabulary at 18 months. Good job, Noah!

Love, Mom

Susan said...

Not to mention that he is cute as can be!