Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Precious Pics and New Business

Doesn't it seem like the days just fly by? My kids keep getting bigger and bigger (and cuter and cuter!).



Not much excitement around here (except see previous posts about crazy babies). Just lots of cooking, cleaning, laundry, diapers, hugs and snuggles with my babies.

The only news to report at this time - and part of the reason for my busy life and limited blogging - is that my husband is starting a new venture and business with his dad. I have many emotions surrounding this new thing in my life.

(I am so proud of my husband. I am in awe of his brain. How did he come up with something like this? He must be a genius! I am tired and worn from the long hours he spends working on the project and away from us. I am excited to see where he might take his company and I know he is doing it for our family, which I appreciate greatly!)

So . . .without any more rambling on my part, check out

The name of the company is actually Schechter Energy.

He is very busy at this point because he is unveiling his product at the Dayton Home and Garden Show in two weeks. He has been very busy working on the product, brochures, business cards, banners, and so on, for that show.

We're hoping for some interested customers!!

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