Monday, March 05, 2012

Fork Dream

Here is a recount of my very odd dream last night . . .

I was eating a potluck dinner (lunch) at my childhood church. I turned around suddenly and accidentally stabbed my husband with my fork in his gut. It punctured him. After an examination in the kitchen he decided to go ahead and participate in a triathlon.

I was there watching him race and was so worried about him because of the injury. We watched and watched and he never came around the bend of the race. Finally my sister showed up and said "Andrew wants to know if it still counts as a completion if he drives the rest of the way". (ha!)

That was it.

There are so many way to interpret that dream so I think I'll leave it alone. I'm just glad I was worried about my husband in the dream. :)


Jennie said...

hahahaha...that is something Andrew would so say! And you're definitely living in a dream world if you think Andrew would be participating in a Triathlon! :)

Jaime said...

I think he would participate but I do believe the line my sister said in the dream might be the way he'd finish!!