Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We've had a weird sickness at our house this weekend. It started when Andrew decided he wanted to camp out with Abigail last Friday night. He got the tent set up in the backyard, beds made inside, snacks, and a book to read. They fell asleep for a few hours. Then she puked everywhere.

I was still awake inside so I came downstairs to see what was up and helped with the clean-up, etc. She proceeded to get sick a few more times and ended up sleeping in our room on the floor.

I got up with Elsie at 7 am to let Andrew sleep a little more. She promptly started coughing and gagging and sure enough, spent a few hours throwing up.

And then. . .

She was done. Just like that. I've never seen anything like it. About 20 minutes after her last vomit episode, she walked into the kitchen and pointed at the snacks and whined (her current form of communication). We tried one cracker and it was fine. One cracker led to 10 crackers and a piece of toast and water. She kept saying more, more! Ha!

Amazingly enough, it was the first time Elsie has ever thrown up to my knowledge. She's led a pretty healthy life so far.

They both ate a regular lunch.

Weirdness, I say. Or I just have some very resilient and tough kids.


Amanda said...

My husband has done that before. He's suddenly violently ill for about 12 hours then he's fine again. It's weird.

Anonymous said...

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