Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Abigail's Visit to the Dentist

Abigail went to the dentist for the first time and she had a great experience. She loved it! I love our dentist. He is very personable and caring. He did the entire appointment for Abigail, including the cleaning. Hard to find that kind of service anywhere today.

Anyway, her teeth are fine. No cavities. She didn't get x-ray's (we're trying to limit those unless absolutely necessary) so she just had her mouth examined and then her teeth cleaned.

She did great. She was very cooperative and laid very still for the doctor. He addressed the issue of the gap in her front teeth by saying that it might close on its own when she gets permanent teeth or the muscle might need a small surgery to help the teeth close. We'll just wait and see.

The main issue that he addressed was her use of the pacifier. She was still using the pacifier and he told her to try and not use it because it was hurting her teeth. We started that night to not use it and getting rid of it has been slightly easier than I thought.

She's back to not sleeping well (we've been struggling since Noah was born) but she's not emotional about the pacifier, like I thought she would be. She is just having a hard time falling asleep now and is getting us up at least once a night. She was doing that before. However she was starting to improve.

A great first experience for her!!

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