Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A No "TV" Day

We are having something amazing happen in our home today. It's a no "tv" day with the kids. I didn't plan it . . . it's just happening.

I never wanted to be one of those moms who constantly plopped her kids in front of the TV. In fact I don't watch much TV. However the circumstances of my pregnancy led me to find lots of children's programs on Netflix streaming. I remember feeling terribly guilty during my early pregnancy for letting my daughter watch Dora episode after Dora episode but I could hardly help it.

I was unconscious for most of it. So exhausted on the couch that I hardly noticed she kept pushing the play button after every episode was over.

After the extreme nausea and exhaustion was over, we did better with the TV but still not great.

Then late pregnancy came. I hate the feeling of "how can I make it through the day with my two kids". The TV saved me when it came to those days - especially in the last few weeks. They at least were safe and not getting into anything.

Then we had a new baby. I was feeling better but still tired, etc. It's now 4:15 and they haven't watched a speck of TV today. It's nice.

I'm not saying that I'll be in this state every day. After all, it takes much more effort and creativity on my part but I love the progress we're making. I hear lots of playing and that's a wonderful thing!!

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