Monday, June 06, 2011


Andrew took this picture of me and Noah on May 29th.

My boy is growing and I so want time to slow down! I know I can't keep him small forever but I'd be okay if he stayed small longer! I am definitely having issues knowing that this is more than likely our last child. With the other two I'd try to get them to nap in their cribs, get stressed if they didn't sleep at night, and easily lose patience with the older ones if they took away time from the baby. Not this time. I am spending as much time with my precious baby as I can. I don't mind getting up multiple times at night because I get to see him.

I'm also making sure to be purposeful with my older two babies as well - what precious girls they are! I really thought I'd be terribly stressed with three but I feel so easy going and relaxed (not two words I would have EVER used to describe myself) that it's crazy.

Well, all kids are napping and I have clothes to fold so this post will be short but I just want to say that I'm definitely experiencing some baby bliss. My kids bring me such joy (and yes, stress too, of course) so I want time to slow down so I can enjoy their littleness!


The Schenk Family said...

sorry I have not made it over to your blog but I wanted to say congrats and he is adorable. It sounds like everyone is doing well. And they grow fast. I am sad for that part of this time.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post! It put a smile on my face. I'm glad you're enjoying being a mother (the best job in the world)to three. I know what you mean about not wanting your children to grow up too fast.

Love, Mom