Saturday, December 04, 2010

Days Like This

Ever have days like this where you feel like you fail at everything? I never would have imagined feeling this way so consistently after becoming a mother. I guess that's why it's always a learning experience and why it's always challenging.

The snow is beautiful, though . . . now isn't it time for spring?! :)


Anonymous said...

YES!! And how did thoughts of comparison of myself to every other mother out there creep in when I rarely compared myself to others before? Bleh, glad it's not just me :)


Jennifer said...

Pretty much every day since we brought #3 home!!! It's been a pretty rough transition-maybe it's the extra hours Aaron is working, or that the older ones are in school now partly, or the rough start we had with Isaac being in NICU, or or or...all of it! Like a friend told me-I'm glad God's mercies are new every morning...for the kids and for me!

Jaime said...

Yes, yes, and yes. I guess even when I was a working mom I could go to work and get something accomplished to get that feeling of satisfaction. Even though I have wonderful, well-behaved (mostly) kids, I still feel a sense of failure and not really accomplishing anything at the end of each day. There were many things today that just compounded that feeling. Couldn't do anything right!!

Amanda @ My Everyday said...

I feel like I can't do anything without it being undone when I turn around. I feel like giving up!!