Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Crazy Weather!

In a perfect world, we would have had our grading done today, Andrew would have built outdoor steps this weekend, and we would be having our final inspection next week. However, February has been quite a brutal weather month for us. We've had three fairly large snow storms in the past two weeks and today we're having "freezing fog" or whatever that is. All of this weather has delayed on of the major things we need to accomplish before our final inspection, our yard grading. I spoke with the inspector this morning, and he said he would let it pass if it weren't perfect, as long as water couldn't stand near the foundation. So . . . um, we have some work to do especially since we have two very large holes next to our foundation.

Things to finish before our final inspection:
Banister (I think will be done this week)
Carpeting (Middle of next week)
Grading (Whenever the snow melts off our yard)
Steps or landing out the back door (After the grading is done)
A "sidewalk" from the front porch to the driveway. I think we're going to use some crushed gravel. (After the grading is done)

We're having our final electrical and final plumbing inspections today. I'll let you know how those go. Originally, our goal was to move in on March 3rd, but with all this weather, I believe it's more realistic to think it will be on March 10th (ish).

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amy said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! One of my favorite things about moving (and there aren't many) is opening up boxes. It's like Christmas morning and everything's new!