Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's in a blog . . . really?

Blogging used to be such a good outlet for me. I'd even write blogs in my head as I would go about my day. Now it seems to be tweets and Facebook statuses. Ha! I still want to keep this going because it is about the only place where my children's lives are successfully and consistently recorded. I want to keep that up but as they grow older and as lives change, I have found that expressing myself through blogging has to take a back seat to more of a "fun update" sort of blog.

Ya'll know what I mean??


So . . .

My kids are all growing like weeds. I need to download my pictures (soon, yes very soon!) and post some on here.


Comes up with some new and very silly things lately. She is so into dancing and ballet and is actually quite expressive at it! She gets her moves from Angelina Ballerina so I'm not sure how far she'll go but it is fun for now. Right now she loves to take care of the "babies" (Elsie and Noah), play with any electronic equipment (tablet computer, iPhone, computer, tv), dance, help me in the kitchen, and help me wrap Christmas presents! Yes, she is still just 3 years old and has moments that remind me of that. I tend to think she's older but she does throw fits for juice, going to bed, not getting to watch her TV show, etc. She has a tender and sweet spirit that I cherish each day!!


Oh my. Elsie Monster is an appropriate nickname. She is not a complete daredevil but is much more of one that Abigail ever was. Her new favorite thing is to sneak back over to the table after a meal (and before I've cleaned up) and climb on the table and eat leftovers!!! I have trained Abigail quite well to help clean off her plate so this minimizes this activity. Crazy girl. She got a concussion a few weeks ago from falling off a bench onto a tile floor backwards. She threw up once and then acted fine so we didn't take her to the ER. A few days after that she flipped off Abigail's bed and landed on her head. She was still fine.

She also loves, Dora, Elmo, and loves to dance like her sister. She is a GREAT sleeper and a pretty good eater. Many times I have caught myself saying "you have to eat something other than broccoli and fruit!!" A good problem to have, I guess.

She is still slower at her language skills than I imagined she would be at this point. She can get her point across but she hardly ever says a complete word. For instance she will say "buh buh" for her bunny or "Pah" for paci. She is starting to say more recognizable (by me) words.


Oh my boy. He is now 7 months old. He has tried eating bananas (which he loves) and Avocado (which he tolerates). He still gets a healthy dose of mama's milk with each food and I'm not in a rush to push things in the food department.

He already has 5 (almost 6) teeth! I remember Abigail getting her top teeth in at about 11 months old and he already had four of them. I am not sure if this signifies anything or not - probably not. Maybe just that he'll be a good eater!!

He loves to get up on his hands and knees and pretend to crawl. He wants to go so badly but doesn't have the coordination yet to do it. He is still working on sitting up by himself and topples pretty easily. If I remember right from the girls, he'll need to master that skill before he really crawls around. He can get to toys he really wants, though.

He does not have the best sleep habits. For the last few weeks he's been teething, one tooth after another, and those nights are bad. He can get up anywhere from two to five times a night. Last night I think it was four. No wonder I can hardly write a coherant blog post! He usually gets up twice.

I am really hoping that he solves this sleep issue once this last tooth comes in. I am beginning to change my stance on letting babies cry (for long periods of time) and I don't want it to come to that. It's always an issue between Andrew and myself too. Andrew wants me to let him cry and I don't want to. Since I'm the one getting up, I guess I win that disagreement!! :)

Other than being extremely busy with little kids, we're doing fine. I have pretty much adjusted to being able to only do things in short two to five minute intervals. Switch the laundry, change a diaper, empty the top rack of the dishwasher, nurse the baby, pick up 5 toys, wipe the counter, change a diaper, sweep the floor. You get the idea.

Andrew is currently on a business trip in New York. It makes for some pretty long and exhausting days around here but we are surviving. I can definitely tell that dinner time is crazier. For some reason breakfast and lunch don't usually have the same fussiness attitude that dinner has so daddy is definitely missed!!

All for now. Hopefully I'll get around to some pictures soon. Who knew that with 3 kids under 3, life would get crazier before it got easier?!!

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